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    Imaginary! {a multi-genre fantasty rp}


    Imaginary! {a multi-genre fantasty rp} Empty Imaginary! {a multi-genre fantasty rp}

    Post by Mika on Sat Oct 30, 2010 12:31 pm


    Imaginary! {a multi-genre fantasty rp} Sitebanner-1

    [blockquote]This role-play site consists of five sections, each different and unique! We wanted to appeal to a wide audience of role-players, so we have included various genres on our forum. There are many fun boards to role-play on, and there are still loads of canons left. You can join in on the site plot, or you can come up with your original characters and create your own! You can be just about any race you want, as we are very open to creativity!

    The genres we offer are: Medieval, Modern Day, Feudal Japan, Futuristic, and Victorian Age.

    Each of these genres has its own exciting plot and unique boards. So, if any of these appeal to you, check our site out![/blockquote]


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