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    Reputation and advanced profiles Empty Reputation and advanced profiles

    Post by Minamoto Chiruka on Sun Dec 13, 2009 10:14 am

    seraphim wrote:


    So here we are gonna rep NPC
    Reputation and advanced profiles Scp1

    a normal post would look like that to rep someone look for the +/- buttons.

    Clicking + would mean positive rep and clicking - would mean negative rep.
    The rep value varies on different areas from the forum, so it may add 1-5 from different areas.

    Reputation and advanced profiles Scp2

    Clicking the either those two buttons a confirmation message would appear, and a green bar would appear if you added a positive rep and red for neg rep

    Reputation and advanced profiles Scp3

    (positive rep screen cap)

    Reputation and advanced profiles Scp4
    (negative rep screen cap)

    We dont have a program that would allow you to leave someone a short comment on which ever post, but please notify them by either using private messages or Visitor messages.

    Visitor messages with advanced profiles
    Advanced profile contents
    *easier friends management
    *visitor messages
    *easier profile editing
    *user statistics


    1. Go to the persons profile page
    2. On the navigation bar, click over on Visitor Messages
    3. Click on new topic button
    4. leave your message

    Visitor messages can be hidden, thus doing so, it would be sent to your PM inbox

    This function is useful for replying on too many comments all at once.

    1. Click on the Multi-Quote Button of choice (click again if you change your mine)
    2. Quick reply is not applicable to this so look for the post reply button
    3. After doing so, you will notice that all the quoted messages you selected will be displayed on your new post index
    5. Press send and you've successfully done it.

    best regards

    BD moderating team

    credits to seraphim of bleachdynasty.com


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