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    The City of Time: Holzuhrstadt

    Shiro Kusanagi
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    The City of Time: Holzuhrstadt Empty The City of Time: Holzuhrstadt

    Post by Shiro Kusanagi on Wed Dec 23, 2009 8:33 am

    Welcome to the city where Time seems to flow and intertwine,


    The City of Time: Holzuhrstadt 2lizqdy

    Things here work a little different then the rest of the world. Time seems to be in favor of this city, as the old saying "not enough hours in the day", never seems to apply.

    Holzuhrstadt is a very small village, located on the western end of the Black Forest, which is the large forested area on the outer edge of the Ironically named wasteland, The Black Woods.

    The population is significantly smaller than those of the two main cities of Bevel, but no one here would argue against that. Crime is nearly no existent, and what little bit does happen usually involves a misunderstanding.

    It is home to the some of the world's greatest wood workers, who are renowned for their ability to take the enchanted wood of the Black Forest and shape them into beautiful, ornate clocks.

    No one outside of the village is quite sure how these clocks are made, but every year, many flock to the village to pick one up, as it never seems to stop running or give the incorrect time.

    Travel in the village is done completely on foot, as there is no need for transportation in a place so small.

    The village also supports a train station, which is the only way to reach it, as no suitable roads have been cut through the forest.

    Enjoy your time here, there will be plenty of it; and check out the clocks while you are in town.


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