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    The City of Water, Tiefbrunnen

    Shiro Kusanagi
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    The City of Water, Tiefbrunnen Empty The City of Water, Tiefbrunnen

    Post by Shiro Kusanagi on Thu Dec 24, 2009 6:14 am

    Welcome to the world of those who float on water, the city of


    The City of Water, Tiefbrunnen 1zx8x2r

    Located on a floodplain, just off of the southwest edge of Bevel, Tiefbrunnen is a city that lives and dies by the sea.

    The Sea brings them visitors and trade from other regions, as well as the many other necessities of life.

    Tiefbrunnen is known for a great many things; arts, crafts, sea going vessels, but they are also known for there ability to forge great weapons and spells from the water.

    There is a locale shrine, not far off of the coast of the city, on a small outcropping of rocks that stick up from the sea. It is known as the home of Aradia, the goddess of the sea.

    There is a local legend that tells of Aradia. As the legend goes, There was once a great sun god named Atho, the horned one. As the story goes, Atho wrecked much havoc on mankind, and it wasn't until the great goddess of water, along with the God of time Jikan, rose up in rebellion to Atho and sealed him away forever.

    Carrying the great sword of legend, Dashihoudai, Aradia fought a long and great battle with Atho, finally subduing him long enough for Jikan to freeze him in a time lock, or as the locals say, Eternal slumber.

    No one knows if the legned is true or not, but what is known is that since then many swordsmiths have attempted to create replicas of the great sword of the water, only to fall very short.

    Travel in Tiefbrunnen is done by Gondola, and from house to house on foot.

    A Gondola:

    The City of Water, Tiefbrunnen 35me0wl

    There is a train station, but unfortunately it is only big enough to connect to one city.

    Tiefbrunnen also has a ferry service, which travels not only to the shrine, but also beyond, to the great structure which stands out at sea, the Bevel Tower.

    This is the only city which can provide you access to the tower.

    It is also the city with the highest activity of Hollows, due to it's proximity to the rift in space above the Bevel Tower, as well as a certain other group which opposes the KNS.

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