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    Tiefbrunnen Train Station

    Shiro Kusanagi
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    Tiefbrunnen Train Station Empty Tiefbrunnen Train Station

    Post by Shiro Kusanagi on Thu Dec 24, 2009 6:18 am

    Tiefbrunnen Train Station 65xuys

    This is the train station where you will post your arrivals/departures to the city of Tiefbrunnen.

    Because of the size of the city, it can only support one rail line. This rail line arrives and departs to and from the main city of Märchenstadt.

    To visit Tiefbrunnen, you must take a train from this city only.

    The Train location is:

    1.) Märchenstadt - Sister city to Germania, The port city, located to the south of the Black Woods. Home to the greatest schools of sorcery in Bevel. It is known as "The Ethereal City"

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