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    The Great Shrine of Aradia

    Shiro Kusanagi
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    The Great Shrine of Aradia Empty The Great Shrine of Aradia

    Post by Shiro Kusanagi on Thu Dec 24, 2009 6:36 am

    The Great Shrine of Aradia

    The Great Shrine of Aradia 1zc09jk

    Pilgrims from all over Bevel and the world flock here to see the home of the great water goddess, Aradia.

    It's been said that if one can bring a gift from the great time god Jikan, Aradia will actually appear to the traveler and present them with the great sword, Dashihoudai, meaning "Free Flow of Water", as it will be a sign of the return of Atho.

    Every year there are those that hope to see this, though they fear what it will mean.

    To visit here you must arrive by Ferry from Tiefbrunnen, and travel is on foot, but limited to the shrine and the immediate area around it.

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