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    Germania Central Train Station

    Shiro Kusanagi
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    Germania Central Train Station Empty Germania Central Train Station

    Post by Shiro Kusanagi on Tue Dec 22, 2009 8:56 am

    Germania Central Train Station 35b6lqh

    This is the train station where you will post your arrivals/departures, while in the country of bevel.

    There are 4 different trains which go to different locations, so make sure to place your destination in your post for record keeping.

    The 4 trains locations are:

    1.) Märchenstadt - Sister city to Germania, The port city, located to the south of the Black Woods. Home to the greatest schools of sorcery in Bevel. It is known as "The Ethereal City"

    2.) Holzuhrstadt - A city to the west of the Black woods. While "Black Woods" is actually an ironic name, the central waste land is in fact surround by a ring of wooded areas. The citizens of this city thrive off of the woods for survival. they are famous for their clock making skills. It is known as "The City of Time"

    3.) Tiefbrunnen - A city located to the south east of Märchenstadt. Much like the real world city of Venice, this city has no roads, other than the rail lines. To travel in the city one must go by Gondola. Although it is overflowing with water, it in fact has no deep sea port capabilities, since it is to small to support it. There is however a ferry, which will take you across the shallows to the great lighthouse known as "The Bevel Tower". This city is known as "The City of Water"

    4.) Ruhige Blume - A small farming village to the North east of the Black Woods. It is known for it's nearby salt mines, but more so, for the strange and mystical events which take place in and around the area. No one is certain as to what occurs in this city, as few ever travel there, but there is a story of a great beast locked away in a special shrine inside a mountain cave, somewhere on the north face of Alte Mann mountain; though must just write this off as a child's story. The city is known as "The City of Legend"

    You will notice 4 destinations in every train station you enter in Bevel. These 5 cities are all the cities in Bevel, although if you are willing to walk you may find many other things.

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